What artifact in your life describes you? The artifact in my life that best describes me will be my thick red diary. I started to keep a diary when I was in Primary 6. I got the diary in a lucky draw which I think because of fate as I had never wanted to start a diary or planned to write one. When I got the diary, I had the sudden urge to start one because of the flowery-decorated cover with each pages scented.

At first, I was quite confused on what to write in my diary so I just started with my personal details and wrote down what I did and where I went daily. There was one occasion, when I was punished by teacher at school and I dared not tell anyone and cried at a corner by myself. Then my aunt saw me and started to encourage me to write down my feelings or anything that I don’t feel like sharing into the diary. It is then I started to know how to put my feelings and let it out in words.

So I start to put any happy, sad, frustrated or even funny occasions into my diary. I tried to write everyday but because of school load I started to reduce my diary entry from everyday to 3 days a week and the number of entry continue to decrease as I grow older. I completely stopped writing the diary when I was in Form 3 due to the tight schedule in school and tuition. After Form 5, then I found the diary lying untouched in the drawer and I started to read my diary from the first entry.

When I looked back, I can’t help but to reminisce back all those happy days and laughed at myself on how naive I am back then. I spent the whole day reading the diary and felt grad that I had kept a diary to record all those happenings that I might had forgot. So I think my diary is the best thing to describe like a biography of myself even though it did not start during my infant but anyone who read will get to know who I am through my feelings whether I am being too childish or emotionally.

To tell the truth, I had never showed anyone my diary yet and I find the diary is my own privacy as it is closely related to what my heart thinks. After I leave my home to further my studies, I continue to write diary in a brand new diary to record down my juvenescence and all the happenings in my college life so when I get old I can have a good laugh because I believe it is the most exciting phase in life. I made an affirmation to continue writing my diary so all the moments in my life will be cherished.