Structure of review Character: Li Cunxin Headline: – Introduction: – Li Cunxin book “Mao’s Last Dancer” is an emotional yet inspiring book about an ordinary boys dream to become a world class dancer. We join Li on his emotional voyage to achieve his life long dream. Situated in the time of “Emperor Mao’s Communist regime”, the author positions the audience to feel sympathetic towards his experiences, The Construction of the setting in which the story takes place and family background.

Family Background -There is no doubt that it was a struggle for Li and his family to survive in the poverties of china, but somehow they seem to just make it through each day. – Growing up in a family of poverty, hunger and living in a tiny little room on a communist street for a house, having a hole in the ground for the toilet and surviving simply on meal after meal of dried yams, Li and his family really had to just rely on family love to survive. Setting Mao’s last dancer is set during “Emperor Mao’s Communist regime”, not only did Li’s family have the struggle of poverty and hunger, but they were also faced with the government of their lives and continuios faithfulness to their leader Emperor Mao, The Main part of the story takes place in a little commune, directed by those who do not know such means, for Li it is the only world he has ever known, so how could he know of such thing as ballet? Experiences